Not Working? Let’s Fix!

Netgear extenders are meant to increase your existing wireless range. To enjoy the use of extended WiFi, first there is a need of extender setup. My-wifiext is the default web address allowing users to configure their WiFi device without any hassle, but sometimes, accessing the URL shows an error message saying ‘you can’t connect to internet’.

If you’re also facing the same problem and is not working for you, then (luckily!) you have landed on the right post. Here’s how to fix the issue.

Troubleshoot Not Working Issue

Switch to another browser

Sometimes, this can be the easiest solution to fix the issue. If your current web browser is outdated, then chances are you will not be able to access the login page of your extender. In such a case, either update your current web browser to the latest software version or switch to another one.

Cache, cookies, and browsing history stored on your web browser can also be the culprit behind Netgear extender not working issue. Therefore, consider deleting the clutter before accessing the login page.

Connect your WiFi extender using an Ethernet cable

If you have connected your router and extender using a WiFi connection, then also you might face the same issue. Try to fix the problem by connecting both the devices using an Ethernet cable.

Make sure the cable is in working condition and have no breakage. Also, ensure it is properly installed to the ports of your router as well as extender.

Make sure your range extender is power up

An adequate power supply is a must to make a Netgear extender up and running. If your extender is not plugged into a working power outlet or is getting insufficient power, then also web address will not work. A constant power outage can also be a reason behind the appearance of error showing on your screen.

Try accessing the login page using default IP

If mywifiext is not letting you access the login page of your Netgear extender, then switch to the default IP, after all the main motive is to land on the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard.

Besides, if you are using a Mac or iOS device, try to access the dashboard of your extender using my-wifiext local

Power cycle your Netgear extender

A simple reboot can sometimes help you fix the issue. Plug out the power cord of your extender and plug in back after some time. You can also power cycle your other devices like router, modem, and PC.

After trying all the steps above, try to give your Netgear extender a run.

Still facing the same error?

Oh! We understand your pain! Worry not! Try the last remedy!

Reset your extender to default factory settings and reconfigure it

If nothing works, then there might be the problem of improper or partial extender setup. In such a situation, it is better to reset the device and configure it again using the proper setup instructions.

Note: A factory reset will delete all the customized settings like username and password. So, it’s always a good thought to take a backup of current settings.

Once done with the reset process, consider doing the new-extender setup

Just in case you can’t make the setup process effective from your own, feel free to take the help of our expert technicians. Tech support professionals we have on-board are dedicated at their work and 24×7 available to help you fix any issues related to Netgear extenders, be it extender setup related or internet connectivity related.