Best WiFi Extenders of 2020 to Intensify Your WiFi Network

Remove dead network spots from every room of your house with the set up of the best WiFi range extender.

The sooner you invest in one of the best WiFi extenders for your residence, the sooner those dead spots will be a thing of past. Because WiFi range extenders help you extend your home wireless network into every furthest corner of your home.

If slow or dropped internet connections have become a nightmare for you, setting up a WiFi extender can easily fix the problem. WiFi extender will pick up the network coverage from where your router starts losing it and helps to take that original network forward. WiFi range extender helps you give a significant boost to your home wireless network.

Here, after thorough research, we have selected the best 5 WiFi extenders of 2020 to help you make the most of your WiFi experience. When you want to enhance your WiFi network coverage, you are advised to select one of the best extenders from our list as per your needs and requirements.

Rank #5: EX3700 WiFi Extender

Boost your WiFi range with AC750 WiFi range extender. Even you don’t need to worry about how to setup WiFi extender. Because with a simple plug and play, you can connect WiFi EX3700 extender anywhere in your house and increase your network range. Eliminate all dead zones to have fun on your mobile devices, game consoles, or smart TVs.


  • Dual-band WiFi speeds up to 750 Mbps.
  • External antennas for high performance.
  • Universal WiFi range extender – compatible with any WiFi router.

Rank #4: WN3000RP Extender

Now, turn every dead network zone to live network zone with N300 WiFi range extender. Put the paddle on the accelerator, and connect your smart devices with your existing home WiFi network. This small yet powerful WN3000RP range extender is quite easy to install.


  • Universal compatibility.
  • No installation CD required.
  • Introduced with new-extender setup method – WiFi Protected Setup (WPS).
  • One fast Ethernet port to connect your smart TV, gaming console, etc. via a wire.

Rank #3: EX6120 WiFi Range Extender

This compact AC1200 WiFi booster is an ‘Essentials Edition’ device that easily blends to your home decor. EX6120 range extender boosts your existing network range up to 1200Mbps.


  • Introduced with FastLane Technology.
  • Extend 24GHz & 5GHz bandwidth up to 1200Mbps.
  • Two WiFi modes – As a WiFi range extender or as an wireless access point.

Rank #2: EX7000 WiFi Extender

The extreme range for streaming with EX7000 WiFi range extender, with speeds up to 1900Mbps or 1.9Gbps approx and a dual-core 800MHz processor. The AC1900 WiFi Mesh extender is ideal for gaming and HD video streaming.


  • Extreme dual band WiFi speed.
  • Embedded with FastLane Technology.
  • 3 External antennas for maximum signal coverage.
  • High power amplifiers for 700mW extreme area range.

Rank #1: EX7300 WiFi Range Extender

The first choice of our researchers is AC2200 WiFi range extender with MU-MIMO technology. The EX7300 WiFi mesh extender improves coverage and creates a powerful WiFi system. Now, no more complains about WiFi extender is not working after some region. Because EX7300 range extender covers up to 10,000 feet with speeds of up to 2.2Gpbs.


  • MU-MIMO streaming for multiple devices.
  • Extend home WiFi coverage with one WiFi network name.
  • Mesh WiFi setup with the blink of eyes at the push of a WPS button.
  • Create a whole-home mesh WiFi using your existing ISP-provided router or gateway.